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About Us
Men's Garden Club of Omaha

History and Purpose

     The Men's Garden Club of Omaha was founded in 1963 by Mrs.Charles Smith in honor of her husband. It became affiliated with the Men's Garden Clubs of America in 1965.  This national organization voted in 1989 to allow female membership and full participation, and many local chapters encouraged this same change.  The Men's Garden Club of Omaha changed its membership requirements in 1990.  Currently, the club is a member of the Omaha Council of Garden Clubs.

Not For Men Only
2018 Officers:
     President - Mike Learch
     Vice President - Gary Zautke
     Treasurer -Gloria Waters
      Secretary - Brian Zdan

In 1997 and 1998, The Men's Garden Club planted and maintained a garden on the Fort Omaha Campus of Metropolitan Community College.  In 1999, that garden was designated an All America Selections Display Garden.  The club continued to plant and maintain the Display Garden until 2012.  
Mike Render coordinated the garden project from 1997-2002.  Ralph Peppard was the coordinator from 2003 - 2012.
The Purpose of the Men's Garden Club is to promote active interest and appreciation of all phases of gardening among men and women
     Would You like to become a member?

It's easy!  Just come to a meeting (see members page) and get better acquainted.
Then, if you decide this is something you would enjoy, pay the annual dues of $10/household, and you are a member.

Contact: [email protected]