Mens Garden Club of Omaha

What's in a name?  Sometimes it's nothing more than history or tradition.
When the Men's Garden Club of Omaha was formed, many women were stay-at-home moms and housewives.  If they joined a garden club, it usually met during the day.  The Men's Garden Club provided an opportunity for men to join together at night to share their interest in horticulture.  Today, many women work outside of the home, and like the men prefer a night-time meeting time.  Women are welcome to join the club, and are equal members.  Over the years, we have had many women serving as officers of the club. Like Boys Town, which serves both boys and girls, we have simply retained the original (historic) name.
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Aster Facts

Other names for asters include "frost flowers", "starworts" and "Michaelmas daisies".

A myth says that when the Greek goddess, Asterea, looked down on earth and saw no stars, she cried.  Where ever her tears fell, starlike flowers (asters) sprung up from the soil.

Asters are the September birthflower and thw 20th wedding anniversary flower.

The aster "flower" is actually a collection of very tiny tubular flowers grouped together in a central disk and surrounded by ray flowers or petals.  The ray flowers are never yellow.  The tubular flowers are bisexual (contain both pistils & stamens).  The ray flowers are usually sterile.